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26 February, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan 2/26-3/4

Ok, so, I just have to say that I honestly HATE meal planning! Yup! I said it!  It feels like a big ol' necessary evil to me and, honestly, I've slacked off in this area a bit.  And, by slacked off, I mean I schlep all three kids to the closest store and just toss stuff into the buggy and hope for the best...then end up eating take out several times during the week.  Our budget(and my waistline!!)has suffered GREATLY for this. However, right now we're also in a period of transition.  I'm trying to sort out what type of nutritional intervention or plan I want Little Viking on.  Also, I'm trying to sort out everyone's food intolerances, while keeping within our budget.  For now, it's just mostly getting back in the habit of planning, whilst thinking ahead to what I want our diet to look like as well I where I want to be, fitness wise.  To that, I would like to add, I used to be a cross country runner in addition to playing volleyball, basketball and cycling.  So, I know what my body has the potential to do.  However, I have a fitness level of the average couch potato now, which is completely depressing.  I've hit a weight that I didn't know existed(It certainly never existed in my world!) and I'm absolutely appalled by it.  So, it's time to do something about it!!  Every week, in addition to meal plans, I'll also be sharing my fitness goals for the week.  They may seem VERY meager to some, but I'm starting out from literally NO activity!  I've gotten VERY lazy and am having to build myself back up and go slowly so as not to compromise my milk supply.  I have got to get in shape and drop the weight, but I also have to ensure my baby's health so it may make my road a little longer(all the better for a run, yes?)!  So, lets get on with it, shall we?  

Meal Plan for Tuesday 2/26-Monday 3/4
Easiest meal of the day! We usually eat either bacon and eggs with smoothies, granola or paleo muffins and yogurt. I also keep buckwheat blueberry waffles and oatmeal on hand for quick breakfasts for the kids.
Cranky Pirate takes leftovers from supper or a 'snacky' lunch with whatever he grabs from the fridge and pantry.  An example would be a few hard boiled eggs, some string cheese, an apple, a packet of almonds and a can of tuna.  
Little Valkyrie takes her lunch to school daily and she likes to take either soup or a snacky lunch as well.  It's always either soup with a piece of fruit, beef jerky and string cheese with water to drink OR a granola bar, applesauce, string cheese, trail mix and whatever else she can grab out of the pantry.
Little Viking and I are left to 'fend' for ourselves during the day! :)  We are easy to please, however and usually just share a bowl of borracho beans with gluten free muffins or cornbread or a big salad.  Some days, I'll just cut up some meat, cheese, fruit, veg and olives and we'll snack our way through lunch as well.
UGH!  It's so first world, but seriously, I have so many days where I just wish that I could afford a personal chef or to eat out every night, because by the end of the day I'm over it.  So, I'm making it a goal to use the crock pot more so that, when I hit that point that I'm so tired I'm NOT cooking, BAM! Dinner's already done!
2/26-crockpot chili with gluten free cornbread
2/27-pot roast(super easy in the crockpot!)
2/28-BREKKIE!(I LOVE having breakfast for dinnner!)
3/1-orange beef with riced cauliflower, stir fry veg, and veg lo mein(made with glucomannan noodles)
3/2-Pulled Pork with corn tortillas, borracho beans and riced cauliflower

There!  That's out of the way! :)  Now on to my fitness goals!  I'm starting out from sub negative couch potato levels, so I feel like at this point, anything is better than what I'm doing.  so the goals are:
-Walk EVERY day.  Even if it's only around the block(hopefully I can find a stroller the baby likes and and decent bike for Little Viking and we can sort out longer walks!). Just something intentional that gets me in that 'exercise' frame of mind.  
-Stretch EVERY day.  I've got to get back in the habit.  It only takes 10 minutes so why not!  
Also, I'm looking up some 'at home' workouts on pinterest.  Things that are quick, 15 minutes or so, to get me headed in the right direction.  Ultimately, I've got to get back into triathlon shape.  Seriously.  Whatever I have to do to get there, I'm going to do.  This size and this weight is just ridiculous and I can't believe I let myself get this out of shape.  So, onward! :)  See y'all tomorrow!

In my weakness, He is strong

Mama Viking

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