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06 May, 2013

Hello Fatness, My name is Jaime, and it's time to....

Ugh...When did THAT happen?!
Serve you your damn eviction notice.  That's right!!  Here's your walking papers now get the heck outta mah life!  Ugh...if only it were that easy!  I SO wish it was.  Let me give a little back story.  I gained a LOT of weight with each of my three successful pregnancies.  Due to several complications with the first two, I was unable to successfully breastfeed.  So, I was able to do some hard core dieting(yes, very unhealthy, I KNOW!!) and get back to a comfortable weight quickly.  I also have a horrible habit of turning to food for comfort...like food gives a crap about me! Everyone ALWAYS said that breastfeeding was like a workout in and of itself.  It burns calories, they said.  Well, I didn't realize, until breastfeeding WORKED with Birdie(HUZZAH!! TURNING CARTWHEELS EXCITED!!) that, for SOME women, yeah, it encourages that extra padding to stick around and then some.  I lost all the weight I gained by 2 months.  We finally got the hang of breastfeeding at 3 months.  Birdie is NOW 13 months old and I'm heavier than I've ever been!! :(  I'm honestly miserable and ashamed that I've let myself get to this point.  How can I teach my children about being fit and healthy when I've obviously let that all slide.  This past year, rocking the mostly single mom gig, coping with a new baby, and dealing with getting my older children's issues dealt with have meant lots of comfort eating and convenience food.  Here's the kicker.  I was also recently diagnosed with celiac disease.  I have GOT to get my stuff straight!  I'm done.  My daughter wants to participate in a triathlon.  So do I.  I want to look and FEEL like those super strong crossfit women.  I have been there before and KNOW how uh-mazing it feels.  So, Fat, it's been stupid, and now it's time to say goodbye!!

Buh-Bye Fatness meal plan
Grain free muffins with Almond butter
Bacon and Egg cups
Paleo breakfast casserole

Leftovers, Meat and Veg Stir fry with cauliflower rice, greek yogurt with berries and a sweet potato with meat and cranberries.

crockpot bbq chicken
pot roast
pulled pork
crockpot beef stew
crockpot mongolian beef
fajita bowls
pork apple stir fry

My workout plan for the week:

There are SEVERAL mini workouts on pinterest.  I will be doing a new one every day, that I will post on facebook!!  Join me if you feel so inclined. Or, just keep up to watch me looking about as graceful as a baby giraffe while trying to accomplish this!

In My Weakness, He Is Strong,
Mama Viking

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