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10 May, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Getting the 'wrong' Midwife

Things don't always turn out the way you plan for them too.  Thank God.  You can worry and plan and make lists and go over and over things.  Ultimately, God is in control.  God knows what you need....and its not always what you want.  When I was pregnant, I was under the care of a group of midwives that rotated visits and also rotated their call schedule.  I had an idea, in my head, of how my pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum period would be.  Of course, none of it went anything like I'd planned!  I'd been told repeatedly that, due to my history, I would do good to make it to 37 weeks.  Now, luckily, my midwives were very hands off and respectful and just watched and waited and never tried to talk induction or intervention.  I carried to 40 weeks and 5 days.  The day I delivered, I had NO idea I was in labor.  I had a routine appointment which was REALLY good since otherwise I probably would've had Little Birdie in the car otherwise.  I went from the midwives office to the hospital next door where I delivered my daughter 3 hours later.  I'd heard so much about pressure vs. pain and ecstatic birth and how amazing laboring in a tub was.  When I got to the hospital, Cranky Pirate and I were a little disappointed that the midwife we were hoping would deliver my baby wasn't on call.  The midwife I got was EXACTLY the one I NEEDED.  My labor was easy, until transition and then it was hell.  I was in the tub, I was visualizing, I was breathing, and it wasn't working.  My midwife came in, and I was scared.  I was in the middle of a full on panic attack because I was hurting and NOTHING was making it better.  And she actually explained it all to me.  Everything.  That, at this point, what was going to help the pain was to have the baby.  I didn't think I was far enough along and was scared I had ages to go.  I was feeling pushy, but fighting it.  She told me to push...that the baby was there, that the only way to stop hurting was to stop being in labor.  3 pushes later, with no medication with just Cranky Pirate and my midwife, I delivered my beautiful little Birdie!  It was crazy and beautiful and everything I needed.  No, this isn't my full birth story...I'm still processing so many of the details.  But I'm so thankful that things worked out the way that they did.