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01 March, 2012

Thankful Thursday: LUSH and Tylenol 3

Thats right!  Lush and Tylenol 3.  I'm thankful for them!  Like you wouldn't believe.  As this pregnancy draws to a close, the aches and pains and migraines increase in intensity and frequency.  This is definitely a case where love hurts.  Its a 'labor of love' so to speak!  Ok, enough with the puns!  No more schtick! :)  However, sometimes it really is the simple things that help me cope with the pain i'm in.  Due to having autoimmune thyroid disease and nerve damage that causes muscle spasms, pregnancy is a VERY physically painful time for me.  Usually, I cope pretty well because I understand that its for a limited time and, once the pregnancy is over, I will feel much better.  However, sometimes I just have days where I feel like I've been hit by a bus, had my limbs broken, and am walking through hot sand.  Those, of course, are usually the days where to complete the combo of pain, fatigue and muscle spasms, I will also have a migraine.  The only good thing about the migraines I have is that I get a good fair warning they are coming courtesy of a migraine aura....then my eye starts hurting and then its there.  On those days, I'm thankful that there IS some safe medication available and that there are things that work to make me feel better.  I take a tylenol 3, run a nice warm bath with 1/2 a box of epsom salts and a Lush bubble bar, put some vapo rub on my temples under a nice cool cloth, and just sit in the tub until I've used up all the hot water!  It might seem like something silly to be thankful for, but it allows me to make it through pregnancy without going too stabby so, for this I am thankful!

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