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21 January, 2014

How to deal when you hate grocery shopping, OR, my one month meal plan and grocery list!

Ok, so, I *seriously* dislike grocery shopping.  To the point that I will poke around in the pantry and try to figure out if I can make something with dried black eyed peas and grape jam rather than get off my behind and head to the soul-sucking experience that is *shudder* grocery shopping.  If I didn't have children to feed(and an incredibly strict budget)I wouldn't even go to the grocery store.  It would be all restaurants, all the time.  However, if there's one thing I hate more than grocery shopping, it's getting my kids loaded into the car, so doing that for at least 3 extra trips, just to eat, is enough to convince me that grocery shopping is the way to go.  So, for everyone that hates it as much as I do, I have written up a ONE MONTH meal plan and grocery list!  Now, this may not work for you, but it's just a guideline.  Also, if you have a chest freezer(you lucky son of a gun), then you can stock up on more meat, milk, cheese, bread, etc.  Also, you can do this VERY cheaply if you don't have any type of food restrictions.  I can't have gluten. Period. dealbreaker because I don't like damage being done to my intestines and autoimmune disease sucks pretty hard anyhow.  It's all 'real' food(I hate that term....I mean....food...it's food...like, I don't eat imaginary cheetos, they are real cheetos), and my picky eater kids will eat most of it.  Also, this plan is based on a family of 6(because there needs to be leftovers to send with cranky pirate for lunch)BIG eaters. Four average eaters at your house? You could cut all of this down by half, easily! Now, I should add the disclaimer that if you don't have a deep freezer, you will probably need to schlep back to the store at some point, for a gallon of milk or something like that.  Or, if you have kids like mine, all of the sudden, they will decide they need to eat ALL.THE.BANANAS. All of them, and you will need to hit up the store for whatever fruit and veg they have cleared you out of.

Breakfast and Lunch are *not* included on the calendar because I keep those options pretty limited to stay on a budget and keep the chaos to a minimum.  
Breakfast choices are as follows: Oatmeal(either hot oatmeal packets or refrigerator oatmeal from this site), slow cooker oatmeal, gluten free toast with chocolate peanut butter, gluten free toast or corn tortillas with fried eggs, gluten free banana bread, or a random smoothie or chia pudding.  
Lunch is fairly easy as well.  I always keep lunch vegetarian to save money. Monday through Friday, Little Valkyrie goes to school and takes a lunch, which is always a chocolate pb sandwich, fruit, yogurt, and a drink.  Two days a week, Little Viking does to mothers day out, and his lunch is always a chocolate pb sandwich, an apple, gluten free homemade cinnamon sugar baked tortilla strips, chocolate pb for dipping, and juice or water.  Easy peasy.  The rest of the week it is simple, vegetarian options, such a grilled cheese sandwiches with soup, pizza soup with cheesy dunkers, err....basically, it's either some kind of vegetarian soup with gluten free cheesy bread/sandwich, leftovers, or 'breakfast' foods, like pancakes and eggs. Snacks are kept to a minimum, and the ONLY snacks on offer are fruit, vegetables, and yogurt.  I will grab things like fruit cups and applesauce if they are on sale and I have a coupon to help stretch foods out toward the end of the month.

Here is my one month dinner plan
Here is the grocery list to go along with it!
So, PHEW!  There it is!!  I hope it's helpful for y'all, and maybe can help you avoid the store, while also saving maybe a bit of money!!  

Much Love, 

Mama Viking

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